We Animate Public Space with

Spontaneous, Meaningful Cultural Events

Happenings in The Milk Market

Location icon white The Milk Market Throughout 2015

Happenings returns to the People's Park

Location icon white Limerick's Peoples Park Thoughout 2015

Happenings Music

Location icon white Fitzwilliam Square Throughout 2015

Open-air Yoga in Dartmouth Sq

Location icon white Dartmouth Square Weekly

Another Love Story

Location icon white Killyon Manor Fri, 21 Aug @ 5pm

Happenings at Leinster Cricket Club

Location icon white Leinster Cricket Club Fri, 1 May @ 6pm

The Bizarre Bloomsday Brunch

Location icon white North Great Georges Street Sun, 14 Jun @12:30pm

Happenings comes to Cork City

Location icon white Fitzgerald Park Throughout 2015
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What We're About

At Happenings we have some simple philosophies. Everything can be better than it is now and we can help that. People and planet matter way more than profit. Create always. Have fun. Be nice.

A personal responsibility action at our events is Leave No Trace. Our audiences clean up the space by taking care of their own waste. We have an unlocked policy. This means we are unlocking the potential of public space and we do not have drunken madness at anytime.


We Are Happenings

A small but nimble team with extensive event experience, passionate about providing people with an alternative to pub based entertainment. We run events in public spaces, taking advantage of good weather and instant communication to gather hundreds of happy people at a moment’s notice.

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