Sunrise with live score from the Kino Quartet - The Stoneybatter Festival

Location icon white TU Dubin Grange Gorman Campus Friday June 17th 2022 @ 7.30pm - TU Dublin Grangegorman Campus

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We are happenings. We animate public space with meaning Sunrise with live score from the Kino Quartet - The Stoneybatter Festival

Sunrise with live score from the Kino Quartet - The Stoneybatter Festival

Location icon white TU Dubin Grange Gorman Campus Friday June 17th 2022 @ 7.30pm - TU Dublin Grangegorman Campus
Sunrise 1927 poster

Important - Doors at 7.30pm and screening starts at 8.30pm!! This event is made possible by the support of DCC Arts Office and The Department of Tourism, Arts and Culture as part of The Local Live Performance Support Scheme and is part of The Stoneybatter Festival 2022

Also important - Bring blankets and all your own stuff to sit on, and a picnic with yummy stuff.

But most important - WE ARE SO EXCITED to bring this to Happenings Open Air Cinema on June 17th 2022. In August 2009, for our very first open air screening we showed this classic silent gem with a live score from 3epkano. It was the birth of Happenings Open Air Cinema in Dartmouth Square and now for the rebirth after the pandemic we are bringing it again as part pf Stoneybatter Festival on the 17th of June at TU Dublin Grangegorman Campas behind St Laurences' Church on the grass.

The culmination of one of the greatest careers in film history, F. W. Murnau’s Sunrise blends a story of fable-like simplicity with unparalleled visual imagination and technical ingenuity. Invited to Hollywood by William Fox and given total artistic freedom on any project he wished, Murnau’s tale of the idyllic marriage of a peasant couple (George O’Brien and Janet Gaynor) threatened by a Machiavellian seductress from the city (Margaret Livingston) created a milestone of film expressionism.

Made in the twilight of the silent era, it became both a swan song for a vanishing medium and one of the few films to instantly achieve legendary status. Winner of three Oscars for Best Actress (Gaynor), Cinematography, and a never-repeated award for “Unique and Artistic Picture”, its influence and stature has only grown with each passing year.

This will be such a special event. Do not miss it.

This will be a special Happenings outdoor screening of arguably the finest film of the silent era, or indeed any era. This special presentation will be accompanied by an original score created by Matthew Nolan in collaboration with some of the finest contemporary musicians Ireland has to offer. These four musicians will line up facing the screen, as if part of the audience, and create an equally radiant musical score to compliment Murnau’s cinematic vision.

--- The Kino Quartet are ---

Matthew Nolan is a Dublin based musician, composer, academic and curator. Since 2015, he has produced new work in collaboration with some of the finest musicians around, both Irish and international. He has worked on commissions from a range of prestigious performing arts institutions, including: National Gallery, BAM and the Film Society at Lincoln Centre in New York, The National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., Kilkenny Arts Festival, Bram Stoker Festival and the St Patrick’s Festival. He is developing two major new works for 2022 – with the MoLI in Dublin and the Film Society at Lincoln Centre in New York.

Adrian Crowley is a songwriter, singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist. He grew up in Galway and now calls Dublin home. A prolific recording artist, he was nominated on three occasions for the Choice Music Prize and won the award in 2010 for his album, Season Of The Sparks. Attempted comparisons with Adrian Crowley’s powerfully emotive, complex and contemplative songs range from Scott Walker to Ivor Cutler, Lou Reed to Nick Cave, but the potency of his rich baritone voice and haunting lyrical narratives, amid settings that alternate sweeping sonic majesty with ghostly starkness, is uniquely his own.

Sharon Phelan is a Dublin-based artist, writer and musician specialising in digital media and sound. Her practice researches resonance and poetics of place, often in site-responsive and collaborative projects. Her ongoing project, Vocal Artefacts, explores ways of listening and expanded notions of voice through artistic research, field recordings and sound essays.

Seán Mac Erlaine is a composer, musician and mastering engineer. Recognised as one of Ireland's most forward-thinking creative musicians, he has worked with many leading lights of music today. Seán's work is genre agnostic and readily intersects folk, free improvisation, jazz and traditional music.

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