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Along with all our planned events we often put on spontaneous events when the weather is rockin'. Sign up and we can contact you quickly & directly and we'll send you our newsletter updates about all our Happenings. Also join our social channels.
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When the sun’s beaming for a few days, we organise events & notify you, usually 48 hours beforehand. You'll be the first to know! We also have weekly events like yoga and a feast of events and festivals. We'll give you a shout, so stay tuned!
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Whether it’s outdoor cinema, music, yoga, food or whatever you’re into, our aim is to make all of our events as creative and enjoyable as humanly possible, with no environmental impact to our beautiful home.

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What We're About

At Happenings we have some simple philosophies. Everything can be done better than it is now. People and the planet matter way more than profit ever will. Create always. Have fun. Be nice.

We use renewably powered battery tech for our power needs ( Solar Cinema for example ), we have a leave no trace policy, we use local traders and local produce and we encourage attendees to walk, cycle or take public transport . We also strongly encourage you to have the craic, no questions asked!!

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