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The birth of Happenings in 2009 marked a pivotal moment in Dublin's cultural landscape. Taking control of Dartmouth Square, which had become entangled in a legal battle with residents and the city council. Peter O'Brien ( Happenings founder ) negotiated a deal with the then owner, Noel O’Gara, to run cultural events and Happenings was born. This endeavor laid the foundation for Happenings' evolution into a catalyst for Dublin's public space transformation. Fitzwilliam Square and Dublin City Council were quick to recognize the potential, propelling Happenings into a trajectory of growth.

Key Milestones (2009-2024):

  • 2009: Dartmouth Square opens as a cultural hotspot, hosting open-air yoga, cinema, theatre, charity festivals, and more.
  • 2010: Fitzwilliam Square invites Happenings to run Open Air Cinema, expanding cultural activations in Dublin.
  • 2011: Yestival for Bike Week with DCC, showcasing pedal-powered cinema and bike-related events. Open-air yoga gains momentum.
  • 2012: Merrion Square cinema begins, establishing a strong presence in the city's cultural landscape.
  • 2013: Happenings H2O in Grand Canal Dock introduces unique water-based cinema experiences.
  • 2014/2015: Paddies Day Unlocked in Limerick and Meeting House Square in Dublin provide new perspectives on St. Patrick's Day.
  • 2014: Establishment of Another Love Story in collaboration with Homebeat.
  • 2014: Upstart initiative leads to the creation of Granby Park, an award-winning pop-up park on Dominic Street.
  • 2015: The Bizarre Bloomsday Brunch becomes a celebrated annual event.
  • 2016: Imagine College Green and International Day of Yoga are established.
  • 2017/18/19: Partnership with 7up promotes Open Air Cinema, incorporating Climate Action-based events.
  • 2020: Pandemic-related closures lead to a temporary pause in Happenings' activities.
  • 2022: A resurgence with a renewed focus on Climate Action and advocacy for social and environmental change.

Recent Highlights :

  • March '22: Breathe Festival in collaboration with St Patrick’s Festival.
  • May '22: Screening of "Love Yourself Today" with Damien Dempsey in St Anne’s Park.
  • All Year: Yoga in city parks and open-air cinema activations in Law Society D7, Dublin City, and nationwide.
  • August '22: Another Love Story Festival
  • September '22: Bohemians Environmental Film Fest with Bohs FC.
  • October '22: Cop On Festival with Concern, One Planet for All, and multiple stakeholders.
  • Ongoing in 2023: Continued work with Neurodiversity Ireland and supporting charities, carers, and communities in the Neurodivergent arena. Sensory Sounds event, a pilot for the upcoming Neuriodversity Festival in Summer of 2024. Yoga, Screenings and much more.
  • Ongoing in 2024: All kicks off very soon for 2024. Yoga from March 16th in Dartmouth Square, with exciting screenings and festivals coming soon.

Happenings' success, reflects an unwavering commitment to creating transformative experiences and fostering positive change within communities.

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