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Happenings run instant pop up cultural events around Dublin & Limerick city. It’s time to use our instant communication platforms to work with our weather. When there’s fine weather we organise instant outdoor cinema events in parks and public spaces. Sign-up to our mailing lists to get notified of the latest happenings and watch out for tweets/posts/alerts on social media for the next cool happenings near you!

To bring people together in public space through inspirational events, at a low cost to us all and our environment, for people’s sake.

Founded in 2009, Happenings run low impact, informal, socially responsible events in public spaces around Dublin city. Our belief is that the pub (which is great craic) should not be the only option.
Sign up on the homepage to get notification on events in our hotspots around the city. When the weather is fine we will drop you a line with all the details on fun events in a city centre space near you.

Events include open air cinema, gigs, theatre, inspiring talks, feasts, kids playtime, adult playtime and classes. We are also open to suggestions; drop Peter a line with your ideas: peter@happenings.ie
With no way of telling what the weather is going to be like, its time to use our instant communications platforms to notify people of instant pop-up events in our city spaces. See you on a sunny day soon!!

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